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Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist

Compared to the electric wire rope hoist, the electric chain hoist is smaller in volume. The electric chain hoist consists of a motor, a transmission mechanism and a sprocket. The biggest difference from the electric wire rope hoist is that the wire rope is replaced by a chain. The lifting capacity is generally 0.5 to 20 tons, the lifting height is 3 to 9 meters.

Roller crawbar for machine skates and dollies

A roller crowbar is an auxiliary tool for machine dollies and skates. It has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. All the crowbars with wheels produced by our company are forged by skilled workers, we can provide various types of roller crowbars, and can also provide special specifications according to customer requirements.

CRA type straight-moving machine skates

Straight-moving machine skates, also known as (load-moving skates, machine rollers, PU-wheeled small tanks, moving dolly, etc.) are mainly used to replace traditional "roller" handling tasks. The advantages of straight-moving machine skate are small size, Lightweight and easy operation.

CRP 360 degree rotating load moving skate

CRP rotating load moving skate also named moving trolly, universal moving tank, machine mover, machine dolly. It is an upgraded version of the ordinary moving skates. The common wheel materials are PU wheels and steel wheels. The models are 3 wheels, 4 wheels, 5 wheels, and 6 wheels. To be customized according to the requirements.

X+Y Series Combination Machinery Moving Skate

The X+Y combined machine moving skate is a kind of heavy-duty machine skates. It mainly uses small wheels and is composed of X and Y types. Type X is steerable, Type Y straight, combined can be turned and straight. The X+Y combined heavy machinery skates have a heavier load than ordinary machinery dollies, the maximum load capacity can be 32 tons.

Walking Type Electric Chain Hoist

The Electric Chain Hoist was developed for handling loads quickly and safely with only one hand. It is based on the lifting unit of the chain hoist and the control unit. Thanks to the control unit which is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment, the operator only needs one hand to operate the hoist and guide the load

EN818-2 Black Lifting Chain

Grade 80 alloy lifting chain ■ Material: high-quality alloy steel ■ Surface treatment: self-color, polishing, blackened, Painted, plastic coating, electric galvanized ■ Manufacture standard: ISO, DIN, BS, JIS, ASTM ■ Quality grade: G80,

General Lifting Chain

■ Material: high quality alloy steel ■ Surface treatment: self-color, polishing, blackened, ■ Painted, plastic coating, electric galvanized, etc. ■ Manufacture standard: ISO, DIN, BS, JIS, ASTM ■ Quality grade: G80, ■ Safety factor: min.4 ■ Product marking: "TH" or special marking required by client ■ Non-standard chain according to the clients' requirements.

Golden Galvanized Lashing Chain (G70/G43) with Eye/Clevis Grab Hooks on Both Ends

■ Material: high quality alloy steel ■ Surface treatment: electric galvanized. ■ Manufacture standard: ISO, DIN, BS ■ Quality grade: G70 ■ Safety factor: min.4 ■ Product marking: required by client

Single Leg Chain Sling - G80 Alloy Chain Sling

One leg chain slings are extremely versatile since they can also be used for load securing and pulling. They should be used with vertical hitches in a lift. Also called a single leg chain sling in the industry, ours are manufactured with a master oblong and a sling hook with a latch.